Our History

Treehouse Montessori School began in 2006 when Louanne Johnson, an experienced Montessori Directress, started a small classroom out of the Foothills Unitarian Church with a passion for children and community. She was inspired to create more options for exceptional Montessori education in Fort Collins. With the help of her assistant, Rhonda Robertson, and a group of amazing parents, they worked to make Treehouse Montessori School a reality. Louanne’s heart is always with us as the orange heart in our logo represents her. Even though she has moved away, her spirit is still in the building. She instilled so much love and inspiration into the lives of many children and now they are making a difference being intentional leaders.

In June of 2007, Treehouse Montessori School opened its schoolhouse location. Upon Louanne’s retirement in 2009, Rhonda Robertson became the Director and proceeded to grow the school with her teaching team at the time. She also added a toddler program, as she felt we could better serve our community by providing care for a range of ages. Rhonda’s love for the outdoor classroom environment and gardening still shines at the school today as the outdoor classroom is in her name.

In October of 2014, Rhonda moved to Nashville, Tennessee to follow her passion for farming. Rhonda and Louanne have both made lasting imprints on the Treehouse Montessori School and will continue to be a part of Treehouse as they both remain active advisors and supporters of the school.

The 2014/2015 school year Crystal took over ownership. Louanne and Rhonda recognized the passion and drive in Crystal to pursue her dream of owning her own school. Her journey in innovation and progression to create a community in partenership to learn a grow has been one that shows and shines when you meet her.

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