“As a parent, one of the most difficult decisions one can make is who to trust with your young child’s care and education. We were recommended to Treehouse by faculty members at Colorado State University who teach future teachers education methods and publish research on how we can best educate and inspire young children. Treehouse has exceeded our expectations for helping to educate and inspire our daughter. We view Sarah, Crystal and the entire team at Treehouse as family. We feel like we are part of a community at Treehouse and not merely customers.”

John Arnold, DVM, MBA

“From his first day at Treehouse, Owen has thrived in a Montessori environment and we see Dr. Montessori’s principles and methods of a child’s love for order, freedom of choice, preference of work to play, focused concentration, and love of a quiet, calm environment every day at home with us.  Each day he comes home he shares something new he has learned, whether it is a new song or tidbit of knowledge about his world.”

Christina Weller

“I felt worry when I was looking for a preschool for my daughters because I had a high standard based upon my own experience, and I failed to find a place that could give my daughters what I had experienced until I found Treehouse. Treehouse felt like a home. My husband and I are very happy (as are my daughters) to have found this unique school where they can learn and grow. Additionally, I’m grateful for the reminder it gives me of some wonderfully sweet memories from my childhood, memories my daughters will have to look back on decades from now.”

Alyssa Markham

“Our son has been going to Tree House for one academic year and we could not be happier with the love, patience, understanding and teaching that he gets there. The teachers are kind, wise, playful, patient and an important part of our son’s life. He looks forward to going to school and races into the classroom every morning when I drop him off. I sometimes wonder if he likes being with the people at Tree House more than he likes me!”

-Mark S. Benn, Psy.D.

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