“Treehouse has been a fantastic place for both of my boys! They are very different kids and Treehouse suited them both. The preschool years are precious years; the staff at Treehouse understand that and it shows. I believe in the Montessori philosophy, and the way they do it at Treehouse has supported my boys as they develop who they are as learners and friends. If I had more kids, they’d definitely go to Treehouse!”
~ Ibby

“When we were first deciding what type of preschool environment would be best for him, my primary concern was that it be a place where he could grow and be challenged, but even more than that, it was imperative that it be a place where I felt he would be loved and cared for in the same way he is at home. Treehouse has the most loving and nurturing teachers. They are always looking for better ways to do things, seeking out parent insight and recommendations, and striving to make it an even more unique environment than it already is. Treehouse feels like a true community – not just a school – and that takes a conscious effort on the part of the director, the teachers, and the parents. I love the way the children are taught to communicate about conflict, and I love the way teachers discipline. I love that the backyard is not just a playground structure but an “outdoor classroom” that encourages imagination and a respect/love for nature. My son is in his final year at Treehouse before he goes off to kindergarten, and I am confident that he will do well no matter where he goes because Treehouse has provided the school-based foundation he needs. We will miss Treehouse so much! I recommend Treehouse to everyone I know!”
~ Megan

“Tree House Montessori is our #1 choice in Fort Collins! When my husband and I visited we loved the home environment that they offer. We decided that this is the place we want our son to go.”
~ Juliana

“My son has been going to Treehouse Montessori for a year and a half now. The Owners, Directors and Teachers have all been amazing and such a joy to work with and see and talk to every day. They helped my son transition from being home full-time to loving going to school. They truly care about each and every individual child’s needs, personalities, and development and are there every step of the way. They are very responsive either through phone, email, text or in person. The teachers helped my son through some tough transitions and are always so very supportive not only to our son, but to our whole family. We love Treehouse Montessori. Our son thrives at this school, he will truly miss it when he graduates onto Kindergarten. We highly recommend! : )”
~ Mandy

“We are very fortunate to be part of such a caring community at Treehouse. Both teachers and parents go above and beyond for the children. The school is very special in so many ways and we wouldn’t change a thing. Our kids love going to Treehouse!”
~ Jill

“Our immediate family members (sisters) have a long Montessori background with their children. As their children developed into young adults, we could not help but be overly impressed with the independence and self-sufficiency that their children displayed. They simply stand-out in their maturity levels amongst any crowd of children. This caused me to take a serious look at Montessori as an option one day.”
“When Laura and I decided to raise children of our own, we naturally began looking into Montessori options here in Fort Collins. Treehouse became our target school as we were so impressed with their program, location, director and staff members. Since then, our daughter Aspen has been enrolled in Treehouse from the moment she could attend. Now we look forward to her progress into the pre-school unit from Toddler, and have great confidence in sending our infant son to Treehouse starting this coming fall.”
“As parents, we look for the best opportunities to provide our children with an outstanding foundation for them to build on during their development in becoming solid and contributing citizens in their communities. We feel very comfortable that Treehouse is the right place for both of them. Each and every staff member takes special interest in every child and provides them with the foundation that we want to give our children.”

“We highly recommend Treehouse for every parent out there that wants to provide their children with a truly solid foundation in life.”

~ Jake and Laura Latendresse

“What an amazingly happy and welcoming staff! We have had both our children at Treehouse and it has been great to talk with teachers and staff who have come to know each child, recognize who they are as a person, and talk about ways they are part of the community. Thank you Treehouse!”

~ Anomynous