Lisa Sullivan

Lisa Sullivan is looking forward to supporting the community at Treehouse Montessori School. Lisa brings 24+ years of knowledge and experience as an Early Educator, working with children 0-12 years, teachers, and families. She has held many different positions on the administration side; Director, Operations Manager, Curriculum Coordinator, and Mentor Teacher. Although these positions were valuable experiences, her true passion is teaching in the classroom with the children and supporting her peers.

Lisa has worked in many different types of programs and has found a warm curiosity and love for the Montessori way. Teaching young children all these important skills and implementing lessons into the program is a dream come true every day to her. Lisa’s energy brings a love light that brightens us all each day.

She was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Several years ago she and her family moved to Fort Collins. They absolutely love Fort Collins, and her husband and her feel as though it’s the perfect place to raise teenagers. She enjoys hiking, yoga, crafting, cooking, and photography.