New Treehouse Montessori BLOG

Hello families!

Welcome to our website and Montessori Minute Blog! This will be another place to check out upcoming happenings, get daily updates and pictures. Also, if there are forms you need to fill out for your child’s file they will all be right here (to the right of this post).


AM Snack– Organic Mangos and Organic GORP

PM Snack-Organic Kale chips and Organic potatoes/turnip hash. All donated by Justin And Mesa Roth from Native Hill Farms, Thank you Roth family!

Primary Classroom highlights– the children enjoyed going through the skull crate, donated by Pete and Alice Conovitz! Thank you! We talked about the differences between herbivores, omnivores and examined our own teeth! ┬áToday Savannah, Sylvia and Adelyn shared their month of the child items.

Toddler Classroom highlights– today the children enjoyed doing the seashell transfer work and playing the instruments. Some things we are really working on in the toddler room is using gentle touches and how to keep our materials safe, ourselves safe and our friends safe.

Today we enjoyed some of our last warm days for a while outside eating lunch, playing in the garden and signing random songs they children made up. Good times at THM!